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Comfort Me

Massage blending cultures, styles and techniques developed through training, experience and practice to enhance performance, aid in recovery, restore, relax, improve circulation, reduce tension, fatigue and headaches, as a beauty therapy or just to feel damn good!

Packages for individuals, groups and events

Guide Me

Intrepid traveller, mother, adventurer and occasional party animal makes for a responsible and capable chaperone, driver, guide, companion, bodyguard and resuscitator to ease your troubles and keep you looking and feeling great.

“I’ve done the leg work and know the pitfalls and struggles of travel and exploring”

Natalie Rose

Train Me

Fit and strong feels good and means you can enjoy more of life including travel, socialising etc. Together we will set goals and chart safe, sustainable and fun ways to achieve them. I will push you to just above comfort level to get you there and send you away with abilities, techniques and habits to keep you fit and safe for life.

Personal Training and Group Classes with Body and Weight Resistance training / Gym
Cycling and Walking

Dancing and Social fitness Events
Beach sports and Running Yoga with Unlabelled_Yogi

Write Me

As an author and artist I can write, create or paint what you need to express your vision, feelings and capture your memories and experiences

ART – Portraits, sketches and paintings
Speeches and presentations
Voice Overs

Picture and Photo book creation
Reviews – food, wine, stays, products, menu’s, training manuals

Feed Me

First Bites Catering strives to focus on Food for Pleasure and Performance. Clean and lean with healthy indulgences.

Our methods and recipes are tailored to each event taking into account client needs, preferences and audience while sourcing the freshest produce locally available.

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